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* To increase your awareness of energies surrounding you which may be influencing you

What can I expect during a reading?

* After calling the 1902 number you can select the next available psychic & you will be charged on your phone bill - or call the credit line to book a reading

* You will be asked for your name & DOB - a regulatory requirement

* Your reading will begin - a psychic connection will need to occur for the best possible reading, so please concentrate on your concerns & be open and honest with your psychic

Remember to ask for your readers' PIN number at the end of your reading so you may call again.

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Soul Mates

Star Psychic - Universal Psychic GuildOver the years, the New Age term "soulmate" has grown more and more mainstream. While the quest for true love began in earnest in the Middle Ages, it has evolved into a keen conscious awareness that we may in fact be destined to meet up with someone we've loved deeply at some other place and time.

If you've decided to get a love psychic reading, ask yourself why. Are you only open to hearing what you want to hear? Are you ready to face the truth, and if needed, grow and change in order to create what you want in love? Are you open to true love coming to you through dating someone new?

Many readings about romance center on issues of trust. If a reader confirms your suspicions about your mate, obviously, it's not evidence. A responsible reader will never accuse anyone of anything, but they will give you guidance about whether to trust whomever you've given your heart to...



Psychic Reading About Life Path - Sharon, Perth

Thank you very much for the uplifting and encouraging reading you did for me yesterday - at a time where I am feeling a little lost and confused, it was lovely that you shared such a positive and realistic perspective with me.
Thank you for letting me have a look at myself through your eyes.

Medium Connection To Family - Lisa, Melbourne

You really have no idea what the reading you gave me last night did for me... To hear from my dad and brother like that was really amazing and very inspirational because again i have been told i am doing the right thing in my day to day life

Medium Connection To Grandparents - Sarah, Sydney

Growing up & looking back I always regretted not knowing my grandparents better than I did, of course hindsight is a wonderful thing!

As a regular fan of psychic readings, both face to face tarot & phone readings, I was curious to try a medium reading - imagine my surprise when the medium described a laughing joking man who was pretending to pinch my nose and hold it in his hand as a thumb! My late grandfather George was still joking, even in the afterlife, he used to do this with us as kids, it was great to know he knew he was remembered....

Common Questions


Calls Cost $5.45/min GST incl. This is a LIVE service. Mobiles/payphones higher. Must be 18+ & have bill payer's permission. Provider

Tips To Get The Best From Your Reading:
Have a list of questions ready.
Be open and allow the energy to flow.
Ask the psychic how they connect with their ability.
Let the psychic know about the general areas you want tuned into.
Validate your psychic if they are on the right path.
Enjoy your reading, it’s about you, treat it as a healing session.
Also be open to new approaches & behaviours yourself.

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Calls Cost $5.45/min GST incl. This is a LIVE service.  Credit card calls are charged at $3.95/min. Mobiles/payphones higher. Must be 18+ & have bill payer's permission. Network ProviderStreamlive  Simply email us - we will respond to you within 24 hours guaranteed. All readings are for entertainment purposes only

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